My Favourite Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Whenever a movie is released that’s based on a book, you can guarantee that you will hear the phrase “the book was better”, and I’m usually the first one to say so. Let’s be honest, generally books are better than they’re film adaptations, but that isn’t so say that the films can’t be amazing.

I love reading, but I also love watching films, and to be honest, sometimes I would spend an evening watching a two hour film adaptation than spend two hours reading a fraction book. So I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite book-to-movie adaptations

Me Before You
This is one of the only films on the list where I read the book before watching the film, and I loved it. Emilia Clarke portrayed Lou exactly how I imagined her, and really brought the character to life, and I loved Sam Claflin as Will. I know a lot of people have had a few issues with the book/film in terms of how it portrays disability, but I thought that it was brutally honest, and beautifully handled.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
I watched this last night for the first time in a while, and it’s not only one of my favourite adaptations, but one of my favourite films. I love all of the characters, and Charlie’s story is touching. I also love how close the film was to the book; Stephen Chbosky done an amazing job of adapting his book.

The Harry Potter Series
I touched on this in my recent Harry Potter post; the books are without a doubt better than the films, but I didn’t read them until I was 17. I grew up watching the films, so I have a greater sense of nostalgia for the films, and they are visually stunning. I love re-reading the books, but I also love re-watching the films, as they take be back to my childhood.

Marley and Me
I think any dog owner can relate to this film, and even those who haven’t owned a dog are usually left sobbing by the end. This is such an amazing film that reminds me of the joy that my dog has brought to my family, and how she loves us unconditionally.

Les Misérables
Another one the list that is one of my favourite films. Obviously the film is completely different to the book as it’s a musical, but the fundamental messages of the book are expressed beautifully through the songs. And with the book being over 1200 pages, it is so much easier to watch the film, as reading the book takes at least a month of commitment.

The Book Thief
This was the first book I read this year, and I loved it. I recently watched the film, and it was adapted so beautifully. I loved that the actors spoke with German accents, and that they interchanged between German and English. It felt so true to the book. And Sophie Nélisse’s portrayal of Liesel was outstanding.

I’d love to hear your favourite book-to-movie adaptations; feel free to leave them in the comments 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Book-to-Movie Adaptations

  1. notsomoderngirl says:

    Hi Ella, I really like your post, I really need to read and watch some of these! I also love the film and book of Me Before You! I recently watched the Perks of Being a Wallflower film and didn’t really enjoy it, but maybe if I read the book first I’d find it better, as everyone else seems to love it! 🙂 x

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